About Us

When it comes to electricity and the installation of electrical systems one might be tempted the dangerous thought of doing it on their own to save a few bucks. But aside from it being hazardous and possibly deadly, you’re breaking the law. So we came up of a way for people to avoid fines and possible jail time, simply by becoming a site where people can be informed of laws regarding electrical, educated on the safety, and connected to qualified individuals.

Westercon67.org is the brainchild of a group that seeks to create a standard of safety and professional quality. An information hub where those who want’s to learn more about becoming a licensed electrician, and those who want to know the safety precautions of such tasks, while at the same time connecting them to professionals who can help them develop their skills and fulfill their electrical needs.

Our main service is to provide electrical supports for conferences and events, giving professional quality and safety to all of our clients. An important, if not crucial thing when it comes to rooms filled with hundreds of people under your organization’s responsibility.

We make sure that our work and the information we give can be treated as the golden standard in the industry. Our contributors and network of electrical professionals do their research to reach the highest safety and quality.

Our aim is to build the safest environment for our clients to hold their conferences in, educating them and our colleagues in the industry of what we call the Westercon standard. A standard we follow in our own offices, in our work, and even in our daily lives.

We believe that our work and information saves lives, we believe it is our duty to create a safe environment, we believe in the Westercon standard!