Electricity Hazards and Risks, and the Causes of Electrical Accidents

Dealing with electricity is no small thing – so much so that being an electrician is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Most of us will probably not have to be exposed to the kinds of risks that electricians go through in the regular course of their job, but it is a good idea to practice electrical safety tips ourselves, too – and this is particularly true in commercial establishments that host or serve a great number of people on a daily basis. It is to be expected that the daily electrical consumption will already be quite high. But when you are bringing a group of people into a closed area powered by electricity on practically all fronts, it is best to practice common electrical safety measures. The first thing you have to do is hire a commercial electrical contractor to check on the wiring and maintenance of the electrical system of the place, and eliminate possible sources or causes of danger or risk where possible.


On your own, there are some things that you can also do to help promote electrical safety practices. These include:

  • Addressing frayed, exposed writing whenever you find them. Should you find electrical cords with the wires exposed, bring this to the attention of your electrical contractor immediately, and request that maintenance steps be undertaken for all similarly situated wiring.
  • Check the cords and plugs. Never use plugs or cords that show evidence of burning or melting, or with missing insulation, or a plug where the cord has become loose. Have your Rockford electrician check and upgrade outdated or ruined plugs when possible. According to statistics, electrical cord and plugs account for the most civilian deaths each year that stems from electrical accidents. Most of us use electrical sockets and plugs at one point or another, and the chances of this happening at a commercial event are significantly higher. Don’t run the risk of someone plugging in a ruined plug, or a guest plugging a cord into a compromised socket. Comprehensive maintenance and repair work is key, so it is a good idea to hire commercial electricians whom you can trust.
  • Have the electrician check your wiring system. One of the leading causes of house fires is faulty wiring, whether due to improper electrical installation, overloaded circuits, and damaged wiring. You will want to eliminate these fire and danger hazards from your planned event, as well. Have the commercial electrical contractor you hired to make it a specific point to check the condition of the wiring of the venue’s electrical system.
  • Make sure that you are using your appliances and light fixtures correctly. Don’t use an 80-watt bulb in a 60-watt fixture, for instance. If you notice any of your appliances emitting smoke, a burning smell, or showing any cord damage or melting fixture wires, call your electrician immediately. Immediately unplug anything that can potentially be dangerous. And never handle electrical cords or operate electrical equipment when your hands are wet or when you are standing in water. In the same vein, keep water away from electrical sockets or outlets.